May 30, 2006

Looking Back

Long back, in another time, we children were frolicking in the Jabalpur heat with cousins and more. Life was cool, people were happy, work was fine.
Now, today, there is no reason to go down the dumps. As children, we had our problems, our frustations, mutual jealousies and what not. But the nature of man is such that he hardly remembers those bad times. Only good times prevail.

I speak as if Chandigarh was a bundle of Joy. I forget the worries of the time. The same ultimately happened for IIFM too. That is life, for it tells us to seek joy and be happy.

Today, the gods blessed us... Thank you, O god for blessing us...

The Past

What happened in the present past,
was a scare that woke me up.
What happened should not have....

But now is present
and the power lies beneath us,
Now, the past shall have removed...
Remembered, yes, but only as a reminder,
for the future to be fair and better.

The past has no role - except to teach us lessons
The past teaches us to live in the present.
The past is but a bell, keeping us awake of the impending clime.
The past is good, for it our teacher....
Remember it yes, but not fear it.... NEVER

Look through

Look through the glass,
you will find
thy face not seen before, With touch and the care,
that nature bestows upon us.

Look throought the glass,
you will find
what life has become today