October 12, 2007

And now Shahrukh too.....

The entire nation is discussing Shahrukh with deep interest.... the obvious cause being his toned body that seems to have been sculpted by well trained artists... At 43, he has done a great job, especially if it was through slogging it out in the gym...

But Shahrukh shines for other reasons too... Yesterday, switching channels with the tiredness that homogenity in programming has brought into the lives of us, I saw Sharukh talking and not singing. I missed what he was saying but the credits showed the logos of wildilfe conservation groups.... Strange, but there he was, in an hour and speaking for the unwritten hero of the nation.....he mentioned the forest guard as the sentinels of the forests and how his work needs to be acknowledged, respected and feel proud about.

I felt a tingle up my spine, for the fate of the guard is something that we discuss again and again and know that he is that face of the government who works in as difficult a condition as the jawans of the armed forces.

Shahrukh has done a great job and deserves the commendation of all who are vaguely connected with the environmental movement.