October 29, 2007

Three movies... One day

The rain pouring down, no cable television to pass your time for a week, house is cold and coffee is drunk often enough to cause serious indigestion. What better to do than watch three movies, all similar yet so very different in nature. The Pursuit of Happiness, Dor and the Shawshank Redemption. Three movies that spills out the case for hope in forceful and delicate ways.

The Pursuit of Happyness is the most moving Will Smith movie, I saw adter his rock smashing performance in the Independence day and he has done a great job playing a father, a husband, an intern and a struggler, all combined to create a conundrum of Chemistry that sticks oout during the dry days of 2006 when no very good movie actually released. The story is there to be seena nd I would not narrate that, but the theme and the strings he holds, while playing Chris Gardener was moving, to say the least.

Dor, on the other hand felt like a multilayered film that covered themes as varied as life in the gulf, relationships, also those before marriage, love, hope (yes, hope), search, desire, playfullness, lust and betrayal. the list goes on and I coould go on, but if I ever meet Gul panang and Ayesha and also Shreyas, I would definitely given them a hug. Such immense sensitivity, such careful direction, such amazing landscapes, an intimate touch of rural communities and the role of the behurupiyas in the lives of the people. Again, stories can be told by many but I would stick to the aspects which strike the film as outstanding.

Zeenat as a muslim breaks sterotypes and emerges as independent, Meera as a rajput reinforces them and is forced to be what she is told to be. Shreyas was outstanding, completly a serious comic... Meera breaking her bonds was the moment that was best captured, even Kukkunoor as a villian was so deadly.... see it this life.

Finally, two movies within 12 hours and we decide to see the Shashwank redemption. Tim Robbins and Morgan Freeman never let me feel remorseful, rarely sad, and tried hard to remove fears from my systems, they ensured that I watch pain with earnestness and respect it. As Andy, Tim looked a high end MBA or CA but with a common sense that was striking. 1994 it released and I always wanted to see it, saw it and got better just by that.

Two things I remember - Will Smith tells his son that when he used to get As in his history classes, he felt he could be one of the so many great people and do good jobs as he wanted, but he never came around to doing that.

Second, hope is there says Andy and I believed him and I know it is true and I know that fear is but, just inside you and hope can anyday take fear for a ride... if you wish so and if you think so...