December 18, 2007


I am writing with a desperation today, that I haven't felt for long. A lot of work in the past month, several places visited, several project responsibilities handled, I have been a busy man, uhh boy.... whatever.

As R. K. Narayan once wrote about his table top concept of writing, I believe in the same.. Writing on random stories but lucid they are neverthless.

The past month seems to have flown past... First, I had to complete the preparation for the visit by children at Valley School. Thereafter, they were here for ten days and then I went to Araku Valley... for Madhu Duniya... Another five days... Finally, there was a mid term evaluation of a major project... gut wrenching yet totally relevant to the present times and how we should conduct a research project. It was an oppurtunity of the highest blessing, to say the least.

Thereafter, after so many days and so many discussions, a lot of which are not suitable to be written here, I am sitting in front of the modern gizmo and pouring out my thoughts.

I plan to write more, especially on the children and the good times, we had with them and then about the Madhu Duniya karyakarm at Araku Valley, but that may take some time.

Till then, O online diary... keep well