January 29, 2008

at mumbai

In what seems to be, so many years returning in a flash, I came to Mumbai on the morning of 26th Jaunary, 2008 and rediscovered, revisited so many old aspects of my life that I had forgotten.... the fact that Ranvir looks a bit like me, the way bhaiya combs Ranvirs hair as he used to do mine several years back, the way he talks shit in the manner that only he can, his face resembling bade papa even more, only that bade papa took to the darkness of the coal mines. It only reproves the point that revisiting is of true essence especially when one starts growing up and settling in worlds far away from their birth place.... it felt totally great to see bhaiya and me reconnect after so many long years... He was waiting at the airport and then ensured that I had a good sleep, next morning bhabhi and bhaiya ensured that I had a good time along with Ranvir... who is my nephew... my first nephew... wow... a great experience that I could never really think, spending a few moments with a small kid who is part of the heritage that our ancestors had started.... whoa feels aprubtly strange......

More thoughts on that keep coming, but then reaching pinky didi's home was great.... why great because she takes life seriously enough to ensure that it does not bite her strong because it is life after all, not anything else that would seriously need to be thought upon... living it up that is life and that is what she has come to exemplify best in her life......

She is willing and that is cause celebre, here children are paving their paths in the deep dark roads of Mumbai, both dimpi and golu doing their best not to be overwhelmed by their circumstances they have found themselves to be in.

Two days and then I moved on to Girish's wedding which was a great feeling revisiting old friends and talking just about everything with them... days passed and culminated with a visit to my sisters' and a great lunch.... Bye Bombay