February 13, 2008

At K Gudi

Returning to B R Hills, every 8 to 10 months is a refreshing change from the life I live. Most visitors come to esacpe from the madding crowds but I land up to enter in the midst of crowds that throng the resort and not escape from them, for I live and work in a small place with virtually zero interaction and even lesser sources of expressing oneself except perhaps for the blog.

K Gudi camp had been earlier managed by my friend Sourabh and now is managed by a new friend, Nahar who is a pleasant person and seems to be enjoying his work. The resort is located in the critical and uniquelly well placed of being inside a sanctuary, probably the only one in India to be placed in such a way. That is perhaps the reason why so many people visit and revisit the place again and again. I met one such person and his companion who have made 30 visits to the camp in the last one year. The camp also receives unique bedfellows - birders, researchers, free riders and so many more that it is more of a circus than a jugle camp. But in totality, it is a mindblowingly beautiful place comparable to none.

This trip was a bike ride, right upto the gate and then some moving around here and there. There were plaenty of occasions to go for safaris, but to Lokesh's angst, I chose not to go for any, primarily because I had found myself some books and was subject to sleep deprivation, the early night.

We loitered around for two days in which enjoyed the small things in life, especially the lime juices that appear out of nowehere in these camps...

Two days hence, took the bike route and drove through a beautiful evening sun that lasted till I reached Theppakadu and then I drove in complete darkness... to my office's field centre in Sigur..

back to home next day, with nothing restored and nothing gained... just another small ride in the larger scheme of things that life throws at us...