June 1, 2008

From the Kids of Valley School

In late last year, some kids from Valley school came for an environmental education trip of ten days. It was a great 10 days, not for them but us also as we relearnt many things that bind us to the world we continue to work in. It was also special because it brought out the best in what everybody had, in terms of their skills and enjoyment quotient. On the day they were leaving, they wrote a poem for us.... Here goes!!!

We had joy, we had fun,

We saw elephants on the run.

But the tigers did hide,

When we went for a ride.

Goodbye, Senthil our trusted friend,

Animal watching with you should never end.

You drove in fourth gear round a bend,

We are crazy, make that double,

Hope we didn’t give you too much trouble.

Goodbye Kunal, pray over us,

We will miss you when we board the bus.

With you around, we are never dull,

We will recall your poems sweet,

When we walk down Bangalore's streets.

Goodbye Anu, our assistant cook,

You volunteered without a backward look.

With care over us, you rock,

You are sweet and you are good,

We’d adopt you if we could.

Goodbye Sumin, our chief cook,

You brought us in the scorching sun,

You made appams for everyone.

We pushed the car, oh how much fun,

Even though, it weighed a tonne

Goodbye Suresh, you helped us through the trek,

Without you, someone would have broken their neck.

You scaled Mukurthi in a hurry,

Wish you luck with your wildlife,

Hope you settle down with a wife.

Good bye Keystone, thanks so much,

The care you took over us was such,

that we’d never want to lose touch

Now we are going, alas aback

But we hope will soon be back.