November 4, 2008


Kyra is a young girl who has a mind of her own. She gets it from her mother who is my sister and together they pack a punch. Nishi whom I always considered to be a highly motivated individual and one who likes taking her own decisions has passed on her genes to Kyra aptly and it will be fun to watch the kid grow up in the coming years.

She is only two and a half now and has a charm of her own. strong willed and with a well developed eye control, she has the potential to develop very well into her own.

It was fun.... these last few days having Nishi and Kyra and Pramod bhaiya, all of whom are individuals who have a strong head on top. Pramod bhaiya who is my brother in law works as the creative director at Mudra in Bombay and has a thought process which was enlightening to learn. Highly fertile, he has been an actor, a writer and many more things before making his mark as an ad guy conjuring up some serious high level stuff. Being with him and merely talking to him is a lesson in creativity, entirely because of his capacity to be constantly innovative - even in rather mundane normal affairs of what we call life. a lifelong friendship has developed and hopefully it will develop well into the future. Nishi is lucky and has a guaranteed life full of excitement being with him as he is not one to leave a moment unaccomplished. I wish to take in a few of his attributes, the very shining eyes that people say are indicative of the enthusiasm that one has.

It was great having them over and even better sharing those few days that I got to spend with them. When one is with kids of this age, you begun realizing the torture that they can entail upon you and it was so with me. She can be perfectly smooth one day and perfectly deadly the next moment. Wow... kids and I was one of the specimens some years back