November 7, 2008

Of Great Reviews of Dubare

One does not usually get to things written about his work on the web and I have been especialy honoured to have two writeups in a month. Two people have written about the Dubare Elephant camp that is is just so great.

I am attaching the links for both of them and hopefully - by visiting them, you could see the exciting lives they live.

Suresh and manisha had visited the camp some time back and had this to write.... Thanks a ton http://bangalorelife.wordpress.com/2008/10/29/dubare-elephant-camp/

Pramod and Payal had come visiting some time back and we had a rather great time with each other. http://pramod-wordworld.blogspot.com/ Thaat was an exciting time we spend and hopefully will be doig so rather regularly.

Having fun once in a while..... Sitting some distance from family and friends........