July 16, 2009

We are Marooned

At Dubare, cut off from the world... a first..... The rain which arrived in torrents just continued to increase for the past few days and moreso in the past 72 hours. As a result, me, Samita and several of my staff are virtually cutoff from the rest of the world.

The Cauvery has risen by about 12-14 feet, an event locals say they have seen after many years....

I cannot even begin to write of the majestic Cauvery now, having received more than 1500 mm in the upper reaches, the waters see so poignant- so utterly romantic.... I cannot even attempt to write.

This flooding or rise of the water whatever it may be called means that we are officially cutoff till atleast Sunday... thankfully the net works a bit, but not the electricity so much....

Wish that the world freezes in this motion and the sound that I hear now - that smooth, silky flow of water never ends.