December 24, 2009

Book talks

The quotation for the book on tourism through JLRs eyes has been agreed and the dates for the launch are on the 11th of February or the next two days.

That means that this is one of the rare projects in India which has actually been preponed and that by 4-5 months. This also means that in the hurry to complete the entire 224 pages of texts and photos, one dosen't screw up this effort.

So while scares are there, light shines as well.

11 February by 10 am with most text and photos in places and design on as I write this.... hope abounds

December 17, 2009

Book talks

As you know, we are doing a book about tourism and JLRs role in promoting ectourism. I am working like anything to ensure that the book comes out by the 11 of February, on the occasion of a conference being planned by us.

I have titled the book, ' INTO THE WILD' but as we know, there is already a movie by that name. It is not clear if we can use this title.

I would be deeply grateful if a suggestion come from you for the title of the book....

Can you think of something??????

December 6, 2009

Some of the Text Contributions for the Book

It is expected that a few people will contribute to the book by way of text

- Geetha Nayak: ecological interactions
- Hugh G. - About Colonel
- Coleen G. - About growth of tourism
- B. Sahgal - Tourism and Conservation
- R. Srinivasan - Conservation Photography and Sustainable Tourism
- K. Srinivasan - Education
- A. Varsha - About Bandipur
- G. Cavale - About K Gudi
- Sachin B - Policy of Ecotourism

December 5, 2009

Photographers for the Book - Count is on

The following people have agreed to finally contribute for the book with their photos, while some are yet to send in confirmations -

- Giri Cavale
- Vijay Mohan Raj
- Mr. Jayakumar
- Amoghavarsha
- Vinay S K
- Vishwanath
- Sudheer
- Chethan Rangaraj
- Sachin Patil
- Afsar
- S Girish
- Vivek Dhage

Those who are likely to give include -

- Ramki
- Karthikeyan
- Nagendra
- Jayanth Sharma
- Vijay Ranjan Sir
- Bhoj Raj
- S Baswaraju
- S Shivaram
- Ashish
- Avinash
- Sunil Maya

While there are others, who may or may not give.... the list is long but the real test will be when the final draft is ready and we are missing a photo and where to source it then....

December 1, 2009

Article in Deccan herald