April 30, 2010

Lost all contacts on my phone...... Clean and Empty my sim.......

April 26, 2010

Papa John and his memory lives

Six hours after Papa John passed away, I for one, have just been witness to a sea of humanity who have come to pay their last respects to a man who touched their lives in many ways. Villagers, policemen, politicians, officers, guests, friends - all are coming in.

I have been blessed in the small way that he ensured that he only gave and never took.

Papa John, Love You

April 23, 2010

Life and Times of Col. John Felix Wakefield

It is not very often that we come across
people who have seen the world through a myriad
window with experiences that transcend time.
Colonel John Felix Wakefield who is now
ninety five year old has done all this over his
long and chequered career. He has been a hunter
and a soldier, also being a diplomat and working
in a corporate venture for some time.
But what makes him so special in the
conservation history of India is that he has been
passionately involved in ecotourism based
conservation over the past 30 years. For the past
twenty five years, he has been on the board of
JLR. He is the Brand Ambassador of JLR, still
hard at work in his second home Kabini.
While sitting over an evening drink with
Colonel Wakefield, one is struck by the vast
amount of historical wealth he possesses.
His modest living room in the Viceroy Lodge at the
Kabini River Lodge is stacked with books of all
sorts – from wildlife to travels to cookery show
tips. He also has an assortment of knick-knacks,
ranging from a singing fish to a highly rusted
Swiss army knife. Above all, he has an envious
array of liquor, found nowhere else but in his
He needs it all for his guests ranging from
Hollywood legends to high profile businessmen.
Amazingly, he disappoints no one and even an
unknown visitor is treated to his warmth and
welcoming attitude to which there is no parallel.
At his age, he oversees that state of affairs
of the largest property of JLR and does it with
élan. Every evening, the office boy comes over
with the guest list for the next day. After each
safari, the naturalists describe in detail the
sightings of the evening. The manager constantly
takes guidance from him. The Colonel is the axle
around which the professional ethic of Kabini
Papa John as the world calls him is a living
encyclopedia who shares his wide experience
with all.

He is not well today and has just returned from a long stay at a hospital.

Though the best thing is that inspite of whatever ailments that might have affected him, he is still very healthy up in his head. These next few days should see him getting better.

April 21, 2010


Off orkut for now and ever... And also logging off chat....... The buzz thing also disabled...... Never was on facebook or twitter, neither on all the rest of these great tech sites..

Wonder what will happen now.......... Was feeling that they take off a lot of us, maybe not financially but make me almost dependent... Just have the gmail account and my blog which is also the matter of much deliberations......

April 8, 2010

Less written, the better

Too late to comment on this perhaps - but the tale of tweeting and now buzzing and several more innovations on the net have changed the communication happens.

Or Have They...

Have they not just picked up the need of us to constantly communicate, to gratify the self and to let the world know. After all, even the biggest boss feels good when he sees his name on the print.

Tweeting, though I haven't had an account on it and in all likelihood would prefer buzz over it, caught on this concept pretty well. And also perhaps, on the fact that people are seriously allergic to writing...most including writers don't do it easy. So what better than to just provide an option that makes us happy and communicate with a few lines.

It is a fad for sure, how long it thrives, I do not know, but will be a valuable data for mankind till we find the next killer app.