April 8, 2010

Less written, the better

Too late to comment on this perhaps - but the tale of tweeting and now buzzing and several more innovations on the net have changed the communication happens.

Or Have They...

Have they not just picked up the need of us to constantly communicate, to gratify the self and to let the world know. After all, even the biggest boss feels good when he sees his name on the print.

Tweeting, though I haven't had an account on it and in all likelihood would prefer buzz over it, caught on this concept pretty well. And also perhaps, on the fact that people are seriously allergic to writing...most including writers don't do it easy. So what better than to just provide an option that makes us happy and communicate with a few lines.

It is a fad for sure, how long it thrives, I do not know, but will be a valuable data for mankind till we find the next killer app.