August 17, 2010

My ideas

My ideas about life were vague, my thoughts and acts were frayed.
There is nothing I could do, except fall in love with you.

Seen life, but learnt nothing yet.
Felt it, but missed the queue. I am truly on a wild road now.

August 15, 2010

Ode to GKW

I stood at the edge
Waiting to be engulfed
I waited for the moment to come,
When I could be nothing and yet be all done.

I felt the clouds pass by,
I felt the air rush.
I heard strangers all around me,
and heard God whisper by.

I heard the power of music,
I saw her laughing loud.
The Jogin was all there for me,
To touch my destiny.......

I waited, waited for a chance,
A chance today to die.
But suddenly the winds died,
ANd said, Lead a New Life.....

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