January 22, 2011


Leopards and tigers everday

January 18, 2011

Mr. Jairam Ramesh - I

Jairam Ramesh is the Ultimate Strategic Maverick. He is a leftist on the right, says Mr. Lumumba. A respected leader from the same party that he belongs to - from Karnataka - said he is too uncertain in his decision making. Some say he is working and receiving his motives from the high command. There are those who say that he has a personal motive.

Since, I do not think much at all. I feel that he will be remembered long after he is gone. Long after the long hair is all but gone, after his health would have gone and so will be a lot of us. He is playing a small yet crucial part in determining India's future course and I still feel that it is his own thoughts that make him what he is and not at the behest of anyone else. Right or wrong - he is the charisma required.

January 2, 2011

Good times, Bad times

Good times, bad times...
Figment of thy memory
Times last life like...
Not for the beauty of thy life,
Nor its sorrows.
Time beholds, listen ya carefully

Times behold

Good times, bad times,
last not so ever,
teaches one, not much,
teaches one to respect it.
For it passeth soon... for it stands never.

Times behold, time must go on.
Leaving in its wake,
not much but a dirty mud rake
Time beholds - for it moveth fast..