April 11, 2011

10 things I like about Keystone ( While I was there)

Found this entry in an old diary, about to be disposed..... A lsit written perhaps at a moment, when I must have been really enjoying the floating clouds of Kotagiri...

The Ten things I like about Keystone

- The 4+1 eco-buildings that are nice to look at and even better inside.
- The campus with some trees here and there with an isolated kudil and a forest at top.
- Th efact that Mukurthi is closeby - My personal heaven.
- The mgazine stand with all the fun.
- My desk - a territorial possession - and the view from it.
- The mist that surrounds you and makes you dream and makes you calm and makes you happy.
- The fact that I wrote a few of these books that kinda rocked.
- I can do things without prying eyes.
- I do not have too many people to talk to.
- I have had great four years here on the whole - My second Chandigarh.