July 12, 2011


When it comes to my field of work, I am pessimist to the core. I believe, perhaps I already know that our vast natural heritage is dying out. Not naturally but is being accelerated by our actions or inaction.

And as an individual, the more I see all of this happening, I become more radical about doing something. And yes, several times, I feel that all is lost. Yes, that is true as well... all is lost.... we will soon be a nation of cities siphoning of the resources in and around. Or as it is in Kerala, become one long urban village on both sides of the highway.

India as a city from north till south - the ultimate in national integration. We will not have states but mohalla names for our THE singular city - what we now know as Nagpur will be a Marathi Mohalla with a sprinkling of smaller linguistic mohalla. Patna will be a homogenous North Indian mohalla. 10 kilometres from Bhopal will be industries with their exhaust pipes turned towards the hinterland and supplying goods to the cities every hour. 20 Kilometres and the beautiful hinterland will start. Long stretches of wheat and rice will dot the landscape, cane swaying gently in the wind. Hundreds of cows munching on soft grass (IN AN EUROPE STYLE FACTORY). And no human in sight.

We would have achieved the American dream, here in India.......
We will have one person managing 10000 acres of land and the rest engaged in beautifying the city.

Drive for another 100 KM and you will see the same phenomenon repeating itself... What about the forest or lakes or pastures or hills or mountains.... Eaten up by the Indian Uncle Sam....