January 17, 2012

Magic of Thunder in the rolling forests

It was raining and the road was shimmering. Shimmering in the dark.

More than the rains though, there was the thunder. Soundless, giant streaks of white light. In periodic intervals, they lighted up the vast sky and turned outlines to figures. a lady on the left, a giant tree straight ahead, an elephant walking past. It was surreal and to see all this in a vehicle through the forests, at an unearthly hour made me gush with excitement.

It thundered more and the forests swayed. The jeep shook as if threatening to go off the road and into the ravines below. The state transport bus overtook us and disappeared in the distance.

I was in Wynaad and driving past the hope that sustains the hills, a Wynaad draped with bamboos and ferns and shrubs, a Wynaad that is plentiful - the hope smiled in return - a brief thunder just circled through the dense foliage of her..... Of the beauty, they call a forest.

We had left the Nilgiri hills late and had to reach Sultan Bathery before the forest gates closed. It was a hot day, even in the hills and we were perspiring. Wynaad promised to be worse.....

But then, when very late at night, we crossed the state border and turned left at Gundlupet, on this empty summer weekday, the thunder rolled up in front. Twenty minutes and we were freezing, the million thunders rolling all around. The forests began again and we fell into a trance. The rains somehow never really started, it was just thunder all around. The jeep slowed, we did not want to lose that moment and drove slow. Spoke less as well, just drove on, into the dark

Of all the feelings a human can assimilate, seeing the beauty of nature truly is one that we have been blessed with.............