January 16, 2012


Written several several years back, perhaps just after school. Came across, thought of posting it and comparing it with myself.

You do not stay upto to your promises
You become self-pitiful at times
You get excited and speak too much and out of turn
You still dream at a wrong time and place
You unecessarily waste money on unnecessary items
You make derogaratory remarks about yourself
You are a hesitant gossip
You sometimes think that it is but obvious that people think in the same line as yours
You have a superior attitude sometimes


You are a true blooded optimist
You are in a lifetime long love with nature and that brings you closer to god
You respect the feelings of others
You feel beautiful. That makes you look so
You love reading
You care for small things, for the less blessed, for the unknown
You love observing the small details in life
Of the six billion, you are god's own child
Once hooked, you can't beat yourself.