August 29, 2012

At Kashmir

Day 3 in kashmir seems like a long time already.

I reached on 27th and went straight to the homestay. It felt strange, first the heat was intense, more than Kabini usually is. The homsetay is nice, located wonderfully behind the crowd and bustle.

Went to Gulmarg and took a horse to the first stage of the lift. It was more enjoyable than taking a 9 minute lift. I managed to see Gujjar and bakharwal families and Khalid, the horseman was a super guy.

Walked down to tangmarg. Fast.

Fell sick on that night, the second night.... Slept badly....

Woke up today on day three. Slept and rested till 2 pm and then went to Shalimar and then Nishat. Nishat was exquisitive, worth a visit again and so was Pari mahal.... I walked all the way to the Pari Mahal and had a great half an hour at the top.

Tomorrow off to Pahalgam....