October 31, 2012

To Tammy

Awesome. That is in essence what defines the last week with Tammy and in the university of Kentucky. What, we became such good friends, that I feel an immense sense of loss leaving and going to wherever I am going next. As if, I have been with her forever. And what a person she has proven to be. She is everything at all the times. She is a writer, she is a professor, a speaker, a consultant, a lecturer, a beekeeper, a conservationalist, a farmer digging tomoatoes in the front yard and the great epitome of field expertise that anyone can possess. I wish I could have stayed longer and helped her along as much as I could have. And to even think of the places we visited and things we did together. Oh, that visit to her grandfather's farm seeing all the goats and pigs and listening to stories of her grandfather doing what he did. A hundred acres of magic. Tammy did not stop with that. Meeting Lanie and her daughter and then they coming over for the presentation was a great time. Going over to the famous mine fields of Kentucky was something as we often discusses, something not done by any Indian for a long time. And the discussions on the mines, on their ways and the Indian ways, on seeing reclamation happen and seeing her work hard the way only Tammy can. And the conference, how can I even forget what we did there. Well we rocked at the keynote speech. And what a presentation it was, considering we prepared for it the way we did. And the food show. A full day of meeting locals, selling her honey, meeting so many people from the hinterland of Kentucky, learning the sweet difference between silk pie and sweet pie and just about so many moments of togetherness. And the finale was perhaps in her house and the parade we visited in downtown Lexington..... Saying bye was wrenching but had to be done.... Bye Tammy till we meet again.

October 26, 2012

All in a day

What can define a day... Excellence, travels, meeting people, seeing the land...

Did all of that these past few days.... Went to tammy's grandfathers house - 100 acres of beauty away from lexington. Saw the horses, pigs, cows, corn yards, tobacco drying yards. Had fun at the library, met great beekeepers for dinner at a country resturant away from the city....

Presentation got over yesterday.....Am rather relaxed today...

October 25, 2012

Travels in the Midwest with Tammy Horn

Being around with Tammy has been a super experience these last few days... Jet lag slowly left me and I was keen enough to see the country.

And what a country this has been. Forests abound and are so nicely protected. I went to the Natural Bridge State Forest park close to Lexington and had a great scenic walk. SO nicely managed, especially the fact that visitors are discouraged to go inside the forest from the paths as these areas are designated fragile. Their were signages all around and no one could get lost. Visitor behaviour was impeccable. No loudness, no littering, we can do with a lot of learning.

We also went to the coal mines in Perry county, the site of contentious debates on surface mining. And yes, mountain top removal looks absolutely shocking.... one site just blew me away.... But also to be acknowledged is the fact that the reclamation work is being conducted rather efficiently. Even the process of active mining is rather well managed. From an american perspective, the issue of mining may be explosive, but they need to come to Asansol to see the unsustainable mining that we do.....

And yes, I am rather enjoying the stay in rural mid-west America as opposed to jet-setting in some city. The fact that I could eat at Wendy's at a small town called Jackson, coffee at a town called Hazard, meeting local people, fellow trekkers who are distant relatives of John Muir and Daniel Boone, seeing so much forest.... Ah what an experience this is turning out to be....

October 22, 2012


Just check the India Today Issue of October 15th. The headline says green terror and has photos of Jairam and Jayanthi, the past and present environment ministers.

And the debate is so compelling. Development stalls because a ministry is trying to do its job. A sentence inside goes ' The rage against the green license raj will no longer be tolerated'. What is it a joke or a statement on the times we live in. We, at a point of time in history are so intent in destroying our natural heritage because we must keep up with the pro-reform agenda of everyone concerned, because the Prime Minister needs to show that he has the iron in him. And what is more shocking.... forget the politicians and economists for a while.

What is more shocking is the view of most of us. One, most hardly relate the fact that rapid industrialisation brings in devastation for the countryside and second, most say that it is a necessary evil. And this malaise is spreading down to the villagers who are increasingly unconnected to nature. Devastation till their individual village suffers from asthma out of trucks bearing ore is OK. Only when they are hurt are some villagers rising. The rest are in a phase of suspended rest.

And the government takes advantage of it. It plunders the very earth in which Dr. Singh might have played as a kid, the environmentalists are confused as no one is taking them seriously, the industry honchos come up with statements mentioning the need to reform. The two people who did something are vilified... And this earth is soon going to surrender.

The biggest fear inside me is - Whether in my lifetime will I have the misfortune of seeing nature without clothes.

October 21, 2012

What to do with this Jet Lag in the USA

Reached New York almost two days back and am still mulling over my chances of having a fair fight with Jet Lag.

Slept off for several hours last afternoon, killing all chances of a recovery. As a result, I am writing a blog entry at 3.30 in the morning when it is supposedly 1.30 pm in Kabini.

Todays agenda - Try not to sleep for the whole day, especially late afternoon. Looks like a goner already...

That is why I am not a great proponent of international travel. Travel, yes is what I do all the time. But internationally, this kills. And why pain yourself so much. But then, once in a year is doable, isn't it.

As of today, not seen much of New York. Went to one of the life saving Patel stores, ate a lot of idlis, understood what is a parkway and an expressway, went to a mall, saw a 17.99 dollar ka allergy tablet besides everything else, gaped my mouth open as most first timers do seeing the price difference in everything.....
and also walmart for the first time.....

October 18, 2012


You come to realise how irrelevant you are to others when they stop showering attention on you.

It is now that you understand that you were alone all the time and the concept of people was just a farce...

When you start showering attention upon yourself, you realise....
eternal joy

October 14, 2012

28th March, 2002

If the problem lies in not knowing what to decide,

then it is better to go by what the body says.....
Body Language......... But don't dither

October 13, 2012

28th March, 2002

making a decision is perhaps a tough job,
but in it lies its uniqueness...
The will and capacity to take a stand, carve a space

October 12, 2012

21st February 2002

Since I am what I am, I better be the way I am, coz then only I will be me...

10 years hence...so true

October 7, 2012

Biggest National parks and Sanctuaries in India

10 Largest National Parks in India

1. Hemis 3350.00 Jammu & Kashmir

2. Desert 3162.00 Rajasthan

3. Gangotri 1552.00 Uttarakhand

4. Namdapha 1807.82 Arunachal Pradesh

5. Khangchendzonga 1784.00 Sikkim

6. Guru Ghasi Das (Sanjay) 1471.17 Chhattishgarh

7. Sunderban 1330.10 West Bnegal

8. Indravati 1258.37 Chhattishgarh

9. Kanha 940.00 Madhya Pradesh

10. Bandipur 874.20 Karnataka

10 Largest Wildlife Sanctuaries in India

1. Great Indian Bustard 8,496.44 Maharahstra

2. Kachchh Desert 7,506.22 Gujarat

3. Karakoram (Nubra Shyok) 5,000.00 Jammu & Kashmir

4. Wild Ass 4,953.71 Gujarat

5. Dibang 4,149.00 Arunachal Pradesh

6. Changthang Cold Desert 4,000.00 Jammu & Kashmir

7. Nagarjunsagar-Srisailam 3,568.09 Andhra Pradesh

8. Gahirmatha (Marine) 1435.00 Orissa

9. Kibber 1400.00 Himachal Pradesh

10. Simlipal 1354.30 Orissa