November 28, 2012

With Abhishek Saikia dead, a small part of everything that my life is made of - has died........

On a Rainy Morning - Some time back

It is such a romantic poet's dream true

The weather in front of me is blowing, howling and raining as hard as it can, possibly as hard as it can get. It looks so beautiful that words seem obsolete. As I write, the intensity increases and decreases almost simultaneously at the same time.

The drama unfolds when KD calls me outside. This is one of the rare times when someone else has taken me. Usually, I am outside of my own the moment rain starts. But this rain is something else.

Grand it is. The intensity, the overwhelming squalls, the overflowing drains, the stalled maruti cars, poor old bajaj scooters, students trying hopelessly not to get wet and yet losing hopelessly, the everything. The drain soons loses all semblance of decency and breaks free, laying wet the countryside. The ground in front is sogged out and is ideal for some good old face bashing exercise and this what Girish and me indulge in. Well, I am beaten down to pulp in a few seconds - Girish after is an experiment in muscles. Soon, we decide to run with the rain and soon we tire out. We run still and KD couldn't stop at an incline and goes and hits himself and breaks a few bones. Well, he will be bed-ridden for a month at the least. We turn to the hospital, anguished and exhilarated. The staff looks us at amazement, are we for real for in-spite of the pain, KD looks flushed with happiness and we are laughing our guts out....

November 27, 2012

An appropriate definition for Velas

Considering the things we did at Velas, here is a list of descriptions that best suit the mood during those awesome 15 days in that sleepy village

- The hectically horizontal life of a hammock hermit

- Travel memoirs of a beach boy

- Lesser spotted red bellied Westerner typically found in these beaches

- Velas - A Spanish sounding Indian remote Konkan village with the coldest beach, friendliest people, leastest tourists, tastiest food.... Also known as the turtle village....

November 16, 2012

Travel Diary - Mid West, USA

Here I am, doing what I do. Here I am, traveling the world. I walk alone, seeing and feeling and learning and doing, here I walk alone. Over the ridges and the bridges that come my way, I walk alone. Over the Appalachia mountains of the mind and of the great spirit of nature, blessed am I that I walked alone. Walking with friends, talking with strangers, hiking over hills and by countless valleys, here I am, I walk alone.

Been watching

Have been watching some movies of late....... Here are some of them

The girl with the golden tattoo
The girl who played with fire
The girl who kicked the hornet's nest
Road, Movie
Seal Team Six
Machine Gun Preacher
Acts of Valour
Battle for Haditha
We were Soldiers
Tunnel Rats
American Experience: My Lai
The Eleventh hour
Tomorrow - When the war began
The Amazing Spiderman

November 4, 2012


Read A walk in the woods by Bill Bryson, Temptations of the west by Pankaj Mishra, Shadow lines by Amitav Ghosh, two tintins, got as gift BEENATION by Tammy Horn and the THE AMERICAN WEST by Atanu da....