December 27, 2012

India is a highly advanced cultural nation in a severe state of moral and ethical decay

December 26, 2012

The mind of a tourist

Extract from Amitav Ghosh’s ‘ The Imam and the Indian'

It makes me think of my aunt from Calcutta, who wanted her money back after visiting the Bori Sanctuary at the Gir forest in Gujarat. 'Why,' she yelled at the travel agent, 'they were just sleeping, lying in the dustlike lizards. Shouldn't someone tell them that they've got to behave like lions?'

December 24, 2012

The Delhi Effect or the Rapist's World

Sitting far away, I may appear as an arm-chair commentator, but the protests and violence that happened yesterday forced a chill through me. No, India has not awakened, it may or may not awaken a lot. Neither will all these protests deter the potential rapist completely. But, it brings forth a glimmer of hope that rapes, topping as the growing symbol of India's moral decay, will ensure that the perpetrator receives a punishment that he deserves, be it death or lynching. I support the later one more but we live in a technically civil world.. so lynching might be ruled out in the near future.

There is no way for someone like me to understand the mind of the rapist... I am not.... and I can't figure out what they think. Do they let their testosterone go out of control, or is that they see a young girl walking on street as a free for all. Most importantly, and going back to the eternal cliche, do they not have women in their families, mothers who cook for them or sisters perhaps...

I am sure most rapists would not be aware that rape laws are largely ineffective, I am sure they have not read Section this or that. I am also sure that they know they are hurting another human in a manner deemed inhuman in any society, they know that there is police around who, if nothing, will trash them for days upon days, and more importantly will they not consider the fact that raping will lead to their families getting ostracised. Yet, I am unsure why would they do it. It is also surely not about what a girl may wear, neither how she walks, nor how good-looking she may be. t has to do with more...Why does a rapist rape.......

Could it be because of the feeling of power, albeit temporarily, that he can excercise(but then he can go the playground and just bash a kid up, a kid who may not have the physical strength to retaliate). Could it be because of pent up sexual frustrations(am unsure about that either, the men of the world especially have a hundred options to release their so-called pent up frustations) which encourage him to work as a animal(staying in the forest, I for one am sure that wild animals who often exhibit more sexual cravenness still do not go around raping a female tiger or female elephant). So animals go one up on us again....

What is the mind of the rapist. This article seems like a good reading, though it was the first article that google brought out for me.. http://www.salon.com/2012/07/27/inside_the_mind_of_a_serial_rapist/

I think however that it has something to do with the overall decay of this nation and the overall power phenomenon that man as a community feels he has, over the world, over kids, over corruption, over money, over females, over nature and over his ability to gloss over his errors/faults and still pretend to be a normal, harmless, man of the world...... It has to do with him beating the system...

December 19, 2012

Since I thought, I should have told you

Since I thought, I should I have told you,
Since I felt I should have said.
Here I say, I love you,
Here I am saying, I miss you.

Those days come back today,
But I know you won't let do,
Because I feel as much as I felt yesterday,
Because I know that you do too.

I saw you in a dream today,
Your face was much the same.
The love you had for me yesterday,
I hope still remains.

I need not say any more,
need not say anything....

But yes, I got back the love,
The love I lost that day...

December 17, 2012


There is a time for everything...

When that time is over,
Crib Not

Crib no more

In not knowing...

In not knowing at all lies a solution,
But having a little know-how can only lead to misunderstanding in society and unruliness in your composure

December 12, 2012

There flies a bird

There flies a bird faraway....into the distance skies....
Alone, he looks down and sees the vast emptiness...

He glides on, swoops low, turns hard and smiles away...
He moves on, to meet his creator afar

When I die...

When I die, I would like a small funeral...
The cost of a man - to be measured on his memories and not his networks......

December 11, 2012

Well, technically tomorrow is 12.12.12.

So, this will be the only time in life that my birthday will fall on this date, month and year - when all ends with 12........

Wonder if others to enjoy this oddity... may be yes for example 01.01.01 or 02.02.02 or 10.10.10 or 11.11.11 or that' sit....only the first twelve numbers matching with the respective months can have this as a birth day....

December 10, 2012

The Indian way of Islam

I absolutely love the Indian way of Islam............ For me, the only hope for a geographical timeline overriding religious affliation...... That is what makes Indians and communities within India like Hindus, Muslims and Christians uniquely esoteric.....