September 20, 2014

As an outsider, Bangalore looks like its baby steps towards refined urbanisation has just began.

The city, growing exponentially, is groaning under the weight of the daily rush of commuters. This rush as with most things human, is not ready to reduce soon, growing daily as it is like a monster globbing everything in its way. Woah, no city in the country is growing as fast as this one. And keeping in mind the fact that this piece of land is basically a hill station - we do get the attendant asthma type diseases jumping like kangaroos. Every one I know is suffering from some illness or the other and these are people who live a normal middle class life.

Walking in the city is another hazard. In the daily kilometres that I walk, I have already used most of my 9 lives quota. Seriously hazardous... And what about walkovers to help bypass the traffic, especially at important junctions.. Not easy... Well, I can write about Bangalore traffic daily. Every day is a unique experience surviving and not dying...

But what struck me was a resolve to escape the pollution yesterday and walk from Race Course to Sankey Tank without breathing in noxious gases. I managed to walk the entire 5 km without touching heavy traffic for more than 10 minutes. Fairly good enough, I thought...