March 17, 2015

So when we Travel

So when we travel, we shake our inhibitions, dust them off the regular lives we live.

We meet so many people that not one fixed generalisation would work for anyone. Tamils are decent, delhiites are rude, gujjus are cunning, kannadiga operate in groups. Virtually all known truths are proven false.

When we travel, we get plenty to time to let nature truly soak into ourselves. We become the sponge on which nature dries herself off, we become the book on which she decides to write.

We understand the sounds and the smells, see why some areas have more plastic thrown around than others, see where normal people stop and the adventurous start.

Hear birds not only in the mornings or evenings but virtually anytime of the day. Understand the animistic roots of ourselves, hear the trees sway and the bamboo grunt, feel the whispers of other humans or hear their shout loud if they still want to talk loud.

If we don't have time for nature, including shutting our own running commentary inside the brains, we cannot quietly understand her.