August 12, 2015

Gopalswami Betta

A long long time back, Himavad Gopalswami Betta was the end of the social and cultural world of the people of the Nilgiris. It had become the same for me as well and crossing Bandipur seemed like I had entered a different world. A world that was drier and closer to reality than the fairy tale of the Nilgiris. But the Betta itself had a strange magic to it.

One of the things I do when I climb to the top of the world is to check for wind speed. Recently, I walked above Mana to a place callled Vasudhara and unbelievably, the wind speeds there were phenomenal. The closest to such speeds were what I have always experienced at the Gopalswami Betta. The winds here have the capacity to blow you away and if not, atleast shake you of your foundations for as long as you stand there....

For me, visiting the betta with its clouds and the phenomenal views is the sheer fun of experiencing the winds.

Go on, check the winds there.