November 8, 2016

The talk of women in POWER Position still goes on

Again, a discussion, again assertiveness leading to aggression..... again a discussion of “whether a woman should be on company boards” lead to aggressive behavior on part of the group. One fellow even suggested that if you remove Muslim’s from the count of prevailing education levels, overall education levels will improve. What strange logic.

9.5% women are part of Indian corporate Boards. It has been proven if women are there, decision making process will improve, corruption is reduced, too many logics for women to be part of our system. When it comes to the actual business, the word business cannot be separate entity as opposed to society. Hence business is a part of society. If a woman cannot work freely at night for work, corporate governance will suffer. So, 37% representation in Scandinavia, and even that is not enough.

That room full of senior executives are well respected in business. That it is futile to even discuss the virtue of anything. And since everyone has a strong opinion on their biases, it is not possible to talk them out of it.

And most talk about women is often linked with laughter, a common male laughter that trivializes the discussion of women, just or it will be trivialize any other discussion such as caste or religion.

Gender bias is so entrenched that I could not even talk about it and it stems from the fact that the systems have been set from childhood and we are but a reflection of what we learnt during our childhood.