April 7, 2017

So I thought, before...

So, I thought that before my time is over, I should sit down and talk to me

And I thought that since it is noon, maybe, I should not talk of things that scare me

So, I sat down to watch a movie and the mind could not follow the scenes that passed by

And then, I thought that maybe I will read but even that proved to be a task to hard to try

So, I thought what else needs to be done and maybe then, I knew it...

What needs to be done is nothing. For nothing is for sure the best thing to do

And the best way to walk and perhaps to talk, nothing is now my way to do

The lives we live

The lives we live, the lies we tell
The games we play, the bets we wager.

The fears we face, the anxieties we bear
Makes us all weaker, makes us all losers

April 5, 2017

Of Great People in Saigon

Our host in the the Saigon Charming Hostel lovingly wrote this message on a piece of paper which says something like "Where is the direction to the Railway Station" She was of great help to us in so many ways.. https://www.facebook.com/charming.saigon

Hoi An Old Quater, Ayuthayya and Hanoi Maps - Was of great help during trips

April 1, 2017

I wish that things could have been better
I really wish that it was true

They say that the bad times runs out of breath
So is true for good times too

Bad times tend to score best,
When I am down and out and not able to rest