June 22, 2008

Young kids...

I met an interesting group of people who come to visit our place for a couple of days. It was heartening to see that in the age of software-ness, there are more and more families coming and strengthening themselves against the vicissitudes that modern life has thrown at them and the ways and means, they have taken measures to adjust themselves to this life.

This a lot have done, but a Mr. Hussain who hails from the southern part of India is doing it in a decent way. As a lot of parents do involuntarily, he purposely brings his very young kid to wildlife visits. In the process, he is trying to instill the sense of respect and love for all things natural into the kid at a rather small age. I can already see a sense of empathy that practices equality and not dominance over nature in the kid, in the way he lifted a delicate millipede and showed it to everyone who cared to see. Most adults were squeamish but not his parents and that helped, helped me actually in developing a positive bias towards them. In the rather rude world we live in, I was grateful that nobody stood up and shouted at the kid for holding a dirty being, but that did not happen….

Mr. Hussain should be applauded and I am willing to bet a wager that his kid is turning out to be special and it would be interesting to see how he progresses. God willing!!!

June 18, 2008

At Jungle Lodges now

Yes, after a lot of speculation and some bewildering thoughts that racked my brains, I moved out of beloved Keystone and joined another beloved group, Jungle Lodges and Resorts. The life here and the choices to be made on a daily basis will make life interesting here, for a long time to come.Immediately after joining, I went to Dubare where a warm welcome awaited me. The staff, numbering about 25, took me around the camp and to the elephants. Slept totally exhausted.

Am in Kabini Lodge at present, where I will be staying for 15 days, understanding in greater detail, about the ins and outs of the place and the people who make it up. For all those who want to keep a track, my new number is 09449599755 and you are welcome to have a holiday here.

June 10, 2008

I wrote this just after joining Keystone in 2004

"As and when life begins anew, it brings in a fresh whiff, a scent wondrous and it is now that you feel that life is young, it is hopeful and it is divine.

For me, it has been an uphill ride with its strains and hiccups, but when you reach the top, it feels so nice, so fair that the feeling is unparalled. Leaving IIFM that early morning, tomorrow beckoned and made me feel that hope is alive. Having joined Keystone, it was an experience just breathing in the air. The long cherished dream of having cool air to be surrounded with, looking out of the window and seeing god's magnificent creations have provided an immense sense of joy.

The road less taken was a matter of choice, a matter of choosing my destiny and I am proud of my choice. I am still going towards and through that road..... and came through".

I wrote this a long time back when I just joined Keystone and now as I am about to leave, I feel that all the dreams that I had have more than fulfilled, in various ways. In the face of it, what I did then was as unfathomable then as it is now when I am going backwards to move ahead. But that in essence is the ways of what we do and why we choose to do it. All the adventures that I did not even think up in my rather fertile mind came true during my four years here. Infact, I was cleaning my desk and saw this writeup in one of the carefully preserved diaries and copied it verbatim. As then, even now, I am doing what I want to do rather than what I should be doing in the purest career terms. But as I grow up and see the changes the world is coming too, I am becoming increasingly uncertain of the ways of the world. Better than do something I wouldn't be doing if I have a choice, it is better to do something that I would love to do even if it is unsound. For, it is relative and at the end of it - when we are counting the eggs - most will realise that these were not eggs after all, but our conscience that we playing with.

Yes, Keystone gave me much and I write more about it soon, but above all it gave me the wide landscapic vision of the hills and the forests. I see big now.

In another week

It has been a long ride since I submitted my resignation. I am prepared to join my new place of work at the same time, have ensured that things are transferred smoothly here.

Besides, I have not been writing too much. Infacyt, I have not been writing at all. My thoughts have been too busy in trying to figure out the last working days out here. I wish to myself that I will find more time for myself in the coming few weeks, so that things move swiftly - i.e. inside my thoughts that are in a limbo

June 1, 2008

From the Kids of Valley School

In late last year, some kids from Valley school came for an environmental education trip of ten days. It was a great 10 days, not for them but us also as we relearnt many things that bind us to the world we continue to work in. It was also special because it brought out the best in what everybody had, in terms of their skills and enjoyment quotient. On the day they were leaving, they wrote a poem for us.... Here goes!!!

We had joy, we had fun,

We saw elephants on the run.

But the tigers did hide,

When we went for a ride.

Goodbye, Senthil our trusted friend,

Animal watching with you should never end.

You drove in fourth gear round a bend,

We are crazy, make that double,

Hope we didn’t give you too much trouble.

Goodbye Kunal, pray over us,

We will miss you when we board the bus.

With you around, we are never dull,

We will recall your poems sweet,

When we walk down Bangalore's streets.

Goodbye Anu, our assistant cook,

You volunteered without a backward look.

With care over us, you rock,

You are sweet and you are good,

We’d adopt you if we could.

Goodbye Sumin, our chief cook,

You brought us in the scorching sun,

You made appams for everyone.

We pushed the car, oh how much fun,

Even though, it weighed a tonne

Goodbye Suresh, you helped us through the trek,

Without you, someone would have broken their neck.

You scaled Mukurthi in a hurry,

Wish you luck with your wildlife,

Hope you settle down with a wife.

Good bye Keystone, thanks so much,

The care you took over us was such,

that we’d never want to lose touch

Now we are going, alas aback

But we hope will soon be back.

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