June 28, 2010

One more sad day, but who cares

Another elephant captured at Dubare last year has died this morning. Lambodra, poor fellow never knew what he got into when he was captured grazing last year. He got into the company of men who took so-called care of him and left him to his death.

Sad day, but who cares. Three of them have already died and they were all captured in the prime of their lives. Wastage of Life, which courts should man approach to address these issues.

We are just too complacent now. All of us...

June 22, 2010


Every decision you make -- every decision that you make every second -- is not a decision about what to do, it is a decision about who you are. Every act is an act of self-definition. --Neale Donald Walsch

June 21, 2010

A review of Wild Vistas


Wild Vistas was reviewed recently for the Hindu. Check it out here......

June 16, 2010

Poachers and Tourism

I found out today that somewhere tourism does have its super effects on conservation.

When poachers are cutting apart a gaur, packing it neatly into packets, separating the leg pieces and carefully skinning it as well, how does tourism come into place.

Tourism scares these poachers away and ethically informs the authorities who take prompt action, ensuring that something good comes out of that innocent gaur.

Tourism keeps illegal fishermen at bay, forcing them to stay away from forest regions as they are scared of information given to the officials.

Today, I witnessed tourism actively protecting my beloved Nagarhole.

The Gap

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