June 25, 2013

And so, God made Siddu

And when I was completely sleepy one night, dozing in the drawing room, I woke up to see Siddu cuddle by my side. And when I was reading a newspaper, unaware of the world around, he licked my toes innocently.

And whenever and wherever I have been been and whatever decision I have taken for where life and career would take me, Siddu came into my thoughts and helped me decide. In many ways more than one, he has made me who I am in the past few years. He has taught me not to feel the weight of gravity over me, he has helped get past difficult people, he has helped me calm down after an anger episode, he has almost taught me the meaning of love. And this is all besides the fact that he has made me fitter than what I was, mentally and otherwise. He wakes me up and makes me walk, he helps in showing me the beautiful countryside around Kabini, he runs and asks me to follow him. He is Siddu, my only son.

I often wonder why I named him Sidharth. He does not wonder why I call him that, he is happy being just called. Infact, if I ever believed in the theory of unconditional trust for others, he has actually taken that learning a step ahead. He trusts me with his life knowing fully well that I may not live up to his expectations. Once, his trust almost killed all that I stand for. Sid is all that I have ever known about love for a long long time.

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