July 28, 2014

I do not know where to start.......
Is being upto a fight equal to being upto the task....

Where does the latent gap reside when it enters the deep crevices of one's life....
Does it stay within the silence within...
Living within those lifeless moments makes one worthless or perhaps more wise...

Living in a void... do we all do that. Do we just add or remove things from that void...
We act, pretend... even be worthwhile for some time. But invariably, somewhere down the line... we are all figments of what our existence makes us to be.....

July 26, 2014

Nowhere is pain seen most,
than in the anguished words of a poet.

Nowhere is love felt most,
than in a mother's tender loving care.

Nowhere is life most vital,
than in the eyes of the fated prisoner.

Nowhere is peace admired,
than in a fish who escaped the cursed net again.

July 24, 2014

People on the road


July 23, 2014

Train Tales from the North and South

The train starts slowly, without a tug. There is not even the slightest of jerks. And then, within very few seconds - it picks up speed. By the time it crosses the platform, it has already entered into a steady jog. A typically South Indian feature. For trains in the north do not behave this way at all.

Why, in the north it would have been the opposite. The train would start with a jerk and progressively tone down it speed. By the time - the train crosses a kilometre, we would be enjoying the pleasures of slow driving, occasionally competing the random tractor.

The train leaving from Bangalore and scheduled to reach Delhi in many many hours slowly becomes North Indianish as it crosses Nagpur, with all the attendant travails of surviving within that din.

I still cannot decide. Which part of India would I like to travel on when travelling by train... Maybe Guhwahati to Silchar would do.

July 22, 2014

Where do I go today...

Living, Waking - I walk alone
Seeing sights along the way

No one around no crowd speaks,
Where do I go today.

Along the open road, on the empty beach,
through the gushing waters and the bubbling wind,
Sights everywhere and sounds to behold.

Walking is fun... Oohho - Where do I go today.
There seems to be sense in simplicity. These days, everything appears to be complex. Like... buying grocery, planning a trip, ordering coffee (especially ordering coffee while accidentally stepping into one of these super swank new fangled coffee joints) and basically, simply living a life.

Simplicity has become a thing of the past and it suits the modern slick entrepreneur well. He revels in it as he gets more command over his unsuspecting targets and also rakes in a lot of moolah.

one wonders what will happen to the future of simplicity. I am, I hope simple enough. And it sure rubs off a lot of people in the other way. But somewhere down the line, I hope that I will survive long enough.

There is a latent gap in what all of us do. We merely add or fill things into the void. We act, pretend, even be worthwhile for a while.

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