December 29, 2014

Hail the Tourist

The tourist walks in, camera in hand.

They get out all, loosening their fangs, big yawns and a loud song. Searching for the nearest loo, they troop together, one guarding the other and the other guarding another. One lucky tea bush gets the honest pee.

The man of the family takes out his cam, he shoots his son and then the world. He poses himself for a selfie, for that is the latest fad. Calls for his wife and shows her the tea. As if her eyes could not see. They troop into some Echo Point and join the others in a shouting stand. Tired, they walk away unable to force the echo's sway.

They reach the market full of vehicles, crawling - resembling a languid snake. They walk along the corners, watching trinkets being sold. People dressed like zombies, also called as tourists. They walk the street, not once or twice but several times on. Up and down the market, yet nothing's been bought, bargain is on yet nothing is bought. The shopkeeper cries out loud. The tourist is here to gawk and not for form.

The tourist walks off, camera in hand.

December 27, 2014

The Great Indian Roadside Lunch

A vehicle stops ahead of me, reverses and halts completely.

Out come eight people tumbling, ohhh it is only food for which they are fumbling.

Music starts, the boxes comes put, a little vomit and sounds are loud. My peace has gone, the children are laughing on, adults are wary and the water gets spilled from.

Smiles turn broad, food is ready and the Great Indian roadside lunch is about to start.

They put lumps of rice and a sprinkling of dal, a pinch of pickle and some vegetables dry. The mother serves them all, just as in home and proceeds to eat last. She is plumpiest yet she works hard. Loads of rice, tonnes of dal and a large amount of waste plates abound. The great Indian roadside lunch, over as it started, suddenly and fast.

I was standing when they arrived. I am here as they leave. They are happy and they are content. Oh, I miss my mother's food bad. Surely, I have days to spend but smile out loud. Mother's food is waiting and I laugh out loud.

December 17, 2014

I am wondering what happened to the Keenan Santos and Reuben Fernandes murder case.....

what is the update...

Have the criminals been punished..

December 16, 2014

Oh Mr. Taliban

When many are killed,
and the rivers cry out....
The children are not to be heard
And yet, they must shout...

Man hates his former self,
when he was just a kid.
God's child he was.
Ones he must now kill...

Kill each other, don't kill kids... Mr. Taliban

December 9, 2014

I believe,

You can say that you are finished and believe so only once you have tried out all possible solutions and exhausted all possibilities yet failed.

You can say you are finished only when you find yourself standing all alone in the midst of all chaos and not a single soul to believe in you.

You can say you are finished when you are hundred percent sure that there is no more good you can do to people around you.

You can say you are finished when you cannot plant any more trees or your existence ceases to bring about any positive change in the 'nature' that we pray as god and as a mother.

You can say you are finished when you can't see the beauty in nature anymore, when you can't hear the gurgling sound of the river or the gentle rustle of the leaves in a breeze, when you can't smell the mud after the first rain, when your words top bringing solace to another soul, when you are unable to feel the warmth of a loved one in an embrace or a brief hug.

Believe that you are finished only when you meet all the above requirements.

December 3, 2014

I will not tell you to be strong

I will not tell you to be strong,
I will not tell you to take it easy,
I will not tell you to not to worry,
I will not tell you that this too shall pass,
I will not give you my false hopes...

Whenever God gives you a problematic situation, it also offers multiple options for reacting to that particular situation.

I would tell you to choose knowing what kind of a person you want to be and an option that lets you be true to yourself till your very last breath.

I would also tell you to have faith in yourself and the person that you are,
Coz at the end of the day, that is all that matters.

(By a Friend)

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