February 17, 2016

The Sad Tale of JNU Bashing

Everyone is jealous of the Ganga Hostel. All those wannabes who ever made it to JNU are enjoying it now, the uneasy squeamishness of the hill atop Vasant Kunj.

This is a sad tale developing and for all those who are sitting in the fence, it shames you more.

Do you remember your school and college days, especially college. I remember. I was wild and cared a heck for anything. I could almost conquer the world and and I could do no wrong. And if I did do wrong, I was well within my so called bubble of life that I could wringle out of any trouble because I had youth behind me. I could curse my principal and get away with it, I could curse the sitting member of parliament and still not get arrested and the fun is once some 2000 of us got arrested and we created a beautiful spectacle of normal dharnabhajji and the police ultimately refused to talk, forget arrest us. And I was not even a ringleader, just a bystander whom the police rounded up.

Shame on those who are screwing up these students and I must confess, I was a big Vajpayee lover in turn leading to preferring BJP over Congress with their 176000 crore scam and all. But this is so too much. Look at Kanhaiya, at Rohit (we killed a poet). This is all going wrong, what is the establishment trying to prove. Why is caste jumping so much, why is religion mattering now. What is happening with the idealists. How can goons dictate. I am no nationalist, no lover of the nation types, but why are those who are indeed lovers of bharat mata abusing her to score a point. If someone curses the nation, they have a point.. There are grouses. Kashmiris have a right to question. My mother was not killed, possibly someone in Kashmir had their mother killed. If someone is pained, he has a right to feel sad. If you stifle him, he is going to go further berserk. Grow up, people who love bharat mata, lets give everybody some space and not do a favour by doing this. And let us not hit students or teachers.

Please don't make Vajpayee and Bhagat Singh roll in their graves. And also your ancestors. Stop hitting or defaming or just being a goon. Let everyone live their own life and not be dictated by your don-giri.

February 13, 2016

I miss You

And I am sorry that I have hurt you. But I have hurt myself too. And when I finish, I will be but a dead man

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