November 12, 2016

Random Jottings from a classroom session at IIM Shillong

One of the first thing that Prof. Giri did was talk about our experiences. He made us write in a piece of paper and stick it in the white board. The prof gave the names back to us but took the post back. And as he said, he took our ego back.

Nobody like positional leadership based on a person's qualification as most of us do not have the attitude.

More money flow in the economy means more acceptability to corruption
• more regulations - more corruptions - more stringent rules
• less complicated - less corruption
• more process- more corruption

The Story of tax avoidance verses tax evasion using the example of the cow, God and monkey was an interesting one. Guy has cow which provides him daily sustenance. Cow falls ill and guy prays to the good lord that if god recovers the cow, he would sell the cow and give all the money to the temple. God takes pity and cow recovers.

Guy goes to the market and puts his cow on sale for Rs. 1. He also puts his parrot on sale for Rss. 19999 and says that the cow can only be bought as a combo offer with the parrot. Someone buys both of them, guy goes to the temple and gives Rs. 1 to the god as promised for the sale value of the cow. This was tax avoidance, not tax evasion.....

CSR starts with how are we treating our customers / employees. CSR is deeply connected with HR- if a company is not taking good care of its employees, foundations of CSR will be weak. The moment CSR is delegated to a staff function- it ceases to be effective .

VMV-vision(future) - mission(why we are there) - value(how to)

CSR is not a philanthropic activity only. it is part of the business process.

Ethics is the super structure. Value is the fundamentals.

I know what is right and I am inspired to follow it, I know what is wrong but I can't resist the temptation to avoid it.

The problems of 'value communication'. you may address it to people in good intent, how the audience absorbs the message may be different for each member of the audience so the value communication has to come down to the level of each member of the audience.

Communication failure - shepherd and wolf story. The child says when asked what did you learn, he said child labour - so message of shepherd and wolf was lost. Another child says, every time I said a lie regarding the wolf people came to help- the one time, he said the truth, no one helped so is it wise to say the truth or lie.

A Director of a company shall not achieve or attempt to achieve or attempt to achieve any undue gain or advantage, either to himself or to his relatives, partners or associates and if such director is found guilty of making any rule gain, he shall be liable to pay an amount equal to that gain to the company.

Harish "an email is permanent copy of you" IT act recognizes an email you cannot remove anything from an email.

KMP- key managerial personal "MD, CAO,CS,DIRECTOR and any other officer as prescribed by the MD- other directors ( govt directors, independent director, women director)

Share a page of JLR "vision, mission, goals and objectives" in all camps

Under article 12 of the constitution, staff of PSU's are govt staff

November 8, 2016

The talk of women in POWER Position still goes on

Again, a discussion, again assertiveness leading to aggression..... again a discussion of “whether a woman should be on company boards” lead to aggressive behavior on part of the group. One fellow even suggested that if you remove Muslim’s from the count of prevailing education levels, overall education levels will improve. What strange logic.

9.5% women are part of Indian corporate Boards. It has been proven if women are there, decision making process will improve, corruption is reduced, too many logics for women to be part of our system. When it comes to the actual business, the word business cannot be separate entity as opposed to society. Hence business is a part of society. If a woman cannot work freely at night for work, corporate governance will suffer. So, 37% representation in Scandinavia, and even that is not enough.

That room full of senior executives are well respected in business. That it is futile to even discuss the virtue of anything. And since everyone has a strong opinion on their biases, it is not possible to talk them out of it.

And most talk about women is often linked with laughter, a common male laughter that trivializes the discussion of women, just or it will be trivialize any other discussion such as caste or religion.

Gender bias is so entrenched that I could not even talk about it and it stems from the fact that the systems have been set from childhood and we are but a reflection of what we learnt during our childhood.

November 5, 2016

Sitting through the haze, glistening in the mist, birds chirping all around and the pine leaves feel magical

Sitting around a conference board table, we discuss a lot. And then, we end up doing nothing

November 1, 2016


Nice word - Skinbags... A fried referred to humans as skinbags and come to think of it, he was right. We are but skinbags, while we live and after we die. We are resting within the stretched frame made of skin and bones. What are we but that.

The skin comes off and there we go, left bereft of our false egos - skinbags that we are

The Gap

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