October 13, 2017

Becoming the Monkey within you

Sitting on a tree, staring at the sky, chewing a piece of a tasty twig and generally doing nothing. One of the key pleasures of living the jungle life is that one can do these things and not many more. One needn't do anything more if one has to survive the way of life that a monkey does. That is because we really do not want more. What we need is not wanting more and being happy with what we have.

Even that proves to be impossible sometimes, just being able to want nothing ore out of life. Everyone questions you, everyone points out. You yourself lose confidence and re-join the rat race. What you need to relearn and unlearn is that the monkey has very few basic needs and needs very basic things at that. So why worry about a million things that will have no resonance when you are ready to leave the world. Just not done. Chill and be a monkey

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