January 12, 2018

He Slept

He slept beneath the moon,
He basked under the sun,
He lived a life of going to do

died with nothing done

- James Albery

January 3, 2018

Books that were Read

A long time back, in a spurt of energy, I read these books like a hungry pig -

- Understanding War
- Ice Candy Man
- The Moor's last sigh
- Love and longing for Bombay
- Mistaken Identity
- Plans for Departure
- The day of the shadow
- A situation in Dew Delhi
- The last don
- The Godfather
- The partner, firm, client, street lawyer and The chamber
- Best of Manto
- The blue bedspread
- Raavi Paar
- Dare to dream
- Ganga
- Hullabaloo on the Guava Orchard
- A suitable boy
- Thunderwith
- The hunt for the Red October
- Haroun and the sea of stories
- The river sutra
- Shall I tell the president
- Kane and Able
- Friends amongst equals
- Fools die
- The 4th K
- The great Indian novel
- Riot after Riot
- Uncivil wars
- IS India going Islamic
- The company of women
- The fountainhead
- Bullet for Bullet
- Himalayan Blunder
- Freedom at Midnight
- An equal Music
- Stories about partition
- Love story
- Kala November - The carnage of 1984
- Not a penny more, not a penny less
- Hero
- The Indo-Pak War
- Honour among thieves
- India:The Siege Within
- Great men, great lives
- Toxin
- Corruption by S.K. Bhatnagar
- Dispatches from Kargil
- Train to Pakistan
- Congo
- Guns and Yellow roses
- Beyond belief
- India:From midnight to the millenium
- Curfew in the city
- Holi and collected stories
- We, the living
- Man, woman and child
- The Aquitane Progression
- Absolute Power
- Bag of Bones
- The graduate
- Burn Rate
- Three countries, one people
- Air frame
- Shame
- Dusk before dawn
- Some shallow, some deep
- Kashmir - A tragedy of errors
- Omerta
- Punjab: Genocide
- The god of small things
- Sun signs
- The Srinagar Consipracy


January 2, 2018

The way things were

I don't know why people feel that if this is the only life, then it follows that one must be hedonistic, or live hard.

I should think that if this is the only life, if really and truly there is this and nothing else, then one can relax, squander one's life with impunity, spend it reading, sitting in a chair, or learning languages. Wait it out, you know. Treat it like a throwaway thing. One-use-only.

The Gap

In the gap between knowing and doing, There are several layers in between. In the gap between learning and working, There are several bri...