July 2, 2007

An ode to my friends who will never read this

There was a time when intellectual stimulation was maximum, spiritual knowledge was high and human relations were cordial. It was a time not far from now, during the days of my study in college when things felt good, almost always.

I think now, why was it constantly good - that time of life..... Why over 700-800 days things constantly reached a crescendo of imagination and success. Why... was...it..like....that. It was the people after all, wasn't it. It was the quality of friends that I had, almost all, plucked by the gods who decided that he is going to create unique, talented people, all wide in their outlook and creative to the point of spillingk over. Rawat, panthi, Pradeep, Raju, Puneet, Girish, Samar, Jaiveer, Ina, Aastha and many more are just names now, but they were present then. Alive and kicking in their baby cries, as if still not over their suckling days. They all had the following basic characteristics... they had empathy, a sense of humour, a deep seriousness and a selfless outlook towards life. They all had all these and much more. They were perfectly normal people who decided not to get fazzled with life as it is today.

I saw them taking a vow together,
thought I would join them now.
I saw they were just rolling a joint together,
and knew that I could join if I wanted.
I heard their shouts during practise,
and knew that they fought hard.
I saw them staring at the sky,
and knew that they could bring it down if they wished.
I saw them take each others hand,
knew they would keep the vow forever.

Panthi is in the forces, Girish is insuring people, Raju is fighting ghosts inside, Ina is painting her heart out, Puneet is filming Hrithik nowadays, Aastha still looning around, Pradeep is helping build an empire, Rochak will soon be hotshot lawyer, Rawat is shuffling for the hard ground beneath, Sidharth may well become the craziest lawyer we ever had, Prashant is is the forces, Samar too and losing weight all the time, Jaiveer will soon win an award for the best environemental film in India - the way it is, the rest must be doing pretty well.... Not just for themselves but for those around them as well... selfless that they are.