January 11, 2008

At Trang - Final day

After the trip to Kradang, which was suitably topped up by the nicier surprise of the organisers, the world seemed to float by.

The surprise was nice, for after the trip - they asked us to join in the evening and discuss what are the future courses of action that can be taken up after the workshop and most people declined as they were too tired or probably delirious after the trip. Some 8 of us went and we were treated to a super dinner....

Next day was the finale and again the presentations came in a deluge. But most were relevant and were very useful for me... My own presentation went off well and my old theory of - when more 6 people coem up to say that it is good, then it has touched a raw nerve somewhere - Ultimately, just about people did come and said that it was very interesting to hear about Keystone's work in the Nilgiris....

Therafter, the conference soon concluded and I said bye to the new friends and networks and walked up to the railway station with Jeffery from the Yale school of Forestry.

The station was a great way to complete my journey and I met an old Pathan from Peshawar who looked the part and told me stories of the past and why India and Pakistan are so same same yet different...

Beyond that, the train was there to be done and I am glad that I did it for it was a tiny box from another world that is good enough for the present.

Sleeping, I awaited Bangkok the next morning..