February 10, 2008

A Cat and Monkey story

Azam was a silent kind, the one who never took to heart - emotions that would tear apart others into a gobbledygook of mental frenzy. He was also an observer - so much so that his friends always called him Mr. sponge, for his capacity to observe everything around him.

He was witness to a strange incident today and that is what he told me to tell all today.

It was late in the noon when the cat he had been feeding milk to started meowing madly and he had to come out of his house to put an end to all the hullabaloo.... Whoa! he saw a troop of monkeys anxiously staring at the cat and the cat staring at them equally anxiously. Now, he being the observant kind settled down to what he anticipated would be an hour long drama of the animal kingdom.

The monkeys vastly outnumbered the cat - atleast 80 to 1 and besides it was just a house cat and not a tiger in the wild. But it seemed that a wave of silence had engulfed the usually boisterous simians. They were all on the roof and the cat was on an alley close to the neighbors tea field. The saw the cat before she could see them and they hushed into silence when all of a sudden, a rather excitable monkey jumped in front of the cat and startled her. She jumped and landed right back where she stood. Then she took guard and the all the monkeys followed the youthful simian to protect him from a possible war. As they trooped to assist their comrade, the cat began to realise that she was outnumbered and she started shirking back, a step at a time. The monkeys saw this and started hissing at her and she hissed back. Outnumbered, she did a dramatic thing - she began to stalk them, already having scared a few of them. They saw this and this created a general sense of crisis and the monkeys in their effort to escape jumped over one other and a few of them fell on the ground. But in a minute, all but a few brave ones had scampered under the the tea bushes. The cat saw this and stalked even more threateningly, making the rest also run for their lives. She went under the bushes and chased the monkeys and all one could hear was yelling monkey sounds and the sharp hisses that a angry cat shrieks.....

Over in some time, but does it really happen. Will cats always fight back or will they seek to escape especially when there is an entire troop in front of them.... Can't say but Azam claims to have seen this happen and I happen to believe him.