January 9, 2008

Reporting from Thailand

At Thailand and with real scarcity for any meaningful net connection, not because they are not but the costs are too prohibitive. I am staying at Wattana park and the conference is at Thurmrin.

Busy day today and lots of impressions... but none too special to write about... I guess that will not be able to see the famed beaches and limestone karsts in great detail because of the time limit....

Tomorrow, am going out for a field trip to the Andaman coast of trang and will expect to write more on my experience there.. As of now, we Indians just can t digest any other food than Indian and Thai, I couldnt eat - not because of the taste which is great but because of the stuff in it.... theory that aman operates best within 100 sq km of his home is really true whatever globalization may have done to it.....