June 22, 2008

Young kids...

I met an interesting group of people who come to visit our place for a couple of days. It was heartening to see that in the age of software-ness, there are more and more families coming and strengthening themselves against the vicissitudes that modern life has thrown at them and the ways and means, they have taken measures to adjust themselves to this life.

This a lot have done, but a Mr. Hussain who hails from the southern part of India is doing it in a decent way. As a lot of parents do involuntarily, he purposely brings his very young kid to wildlife visits. In the process, he is trying to instill the sense of respect and love for all things natural into the kid at a rather small age. I can already see a sense of empathy that practices equality and not dominance over nature in the kid, in the way he lifted a delicate millipede and showed it to everyone who cared to see. Most adults were squeamish but not his parents and that helped, helped me actually in developing a positive bias towards them. In the rather rude world we live in, I was grateful that nobody stood up and shouted at the kid for holding a dirty being, but that did not happen….

Mr. Hussain should be applauded and I am willing to bet a wager that his kid is turning out to be special and it would be interesting to see how he progresses. God willing!!!