October 4, 2008

As today went !!!

Life at Dubare usually continues at a lazy pace. I get up and complete the chores and manage the work and then usually sit down to write a bit. My day passes in managing the resort and the various issues that crop in at regular intervals.

But today was interesting for the amount of walks that I undertook. Sourabh was here and he took me around, marking the appropriate water holes where salt needs to be applied. There are infact many dramatically beautiful places inside the reserve forest and wildlife sighti9ng could improve substantially if we manage the salt licks properly. We were sitting at the tree house also for quite some time.

Then during lunch time, a senior government official came for a visit and it was interesting one hour of discussions and a learning opportunity as he shared his experiences in managing elections.

The day was not yet over when we went with one of our guests for a trek inside the forest. Whew... wild dog tracks, plenty of birds, giant malabar squirrel and many more sounds. The forest was ringing like a bell with the sounds of birds of all types. It was the elegant symphony in practice and was inspiring. We walked long and hard and finally cam e back to the resort. All in all, a busy forested day.