July 17, 2009

The River's Voice

A thundery beat tugs hard,
It feels like million hearts beating fast,
When I look out, I see lava flow,
insistent, smooth and a beauty to behold,

This river of Joy, I sit a few feet away from,
has made me wonder the bounty the gods have bestowed,
No view ever has been better and smoother and as silky as now,
I truly know that I have frozen this moment and how.

The sound as I make it out,
is that of continuous roar, a majestic swishhhhhhhhh,
relentless through day and night, the river poetically shouts,
This is an honour, sitting today..... I salute thee o great nature again..

P.S. - The river rose by another feet during the night and we are still technically marooned. A majestic event, yet there is no abrupt flooding, as if nature mocks man by saying that if she let alone, she wouldn't cause misery as has been recently seen across the nation and the world.

This sound if ever I could document it is like some primeval dance on and on, day and night, probably lord Shiva is in his elements today - dancing across Kodagu....