September 10, 2009

Now for some bad news

Long time since bad news came the blog's way, but this one really sucks.

The whole of Nilgiris is being systematically pillaged and the rate of frequency has increased dramatically this last one year. And I am saying this based just on the visual impact the recent journey had on me.

The wildly swaying road that leads out of Ooty to Kotagiri and then to Coimbatore is being expanded and in the process, the only way out for our planners is to cut the hill side. Rampant removal of soil hurts like hell but what is worse that some old trees, possibly planted when the British arrived are being sent to the heavens to lay at rest with those very britishers who planted them. Huge ones, with thickness and girth unattainable in this world, beautifully designed have all been cut ruthlessly. It is too painful to express in mere words.

And all this has happened in under a year. Imagine what would happen in another two years. And why do the gods not punish these #$@#$@ offenders of nature, who care not a eyelid before ravaging her. The rampant tree cutting in Mysore plateau and this one in the Nilgiris makes me want to go back and start living in the isolation of M G road, where trees don't exist anymore.