April 26, 2011

Plants on Yesterdays's walk

I had a chance to go around with Sadanada Ji, a man with enough energy to outlast most of us, for his 72 years on earth and he showed me a number of plants.

1. Saw the Thunbergia grandiflora flower in the garage next to the office. This is ornamental in nature with beautiful flowers and climbs up, has covered our garages providing it with a wild look.

2. We walked towards the north block and saw the tree Lannea coromandelica, which has grown quite tall. I believe that it is anti-inflammatory. Just next to room 14.

3. We saw large clumps of lemon grass that I told the gardener to plant all around.

4. Saw the marigold and remembered my childhood for a few seconds.

5. Ipomoea quamoclit is just near the entrance to the north block from the Viceroy lodge side and on the right arch. Beautiful flower, also known as the cypress vine.

6. Vinca rosea, found just about everywhere in India is highly medicinal in its nature, used for a series of medicines.

7. Spoke about the pods of the gulmmohar for long and also about the entada, found in Mudumalai.

8. Clerodendrum inerme or the vishwadhari, it is used popularly as a hedge plant and is the main hedge near the Viceroy Lodge.

9. Duranta, also we saw - very popular as a hedge plant wherever I went in Coorg. Dubare elephant camp has a large number of these plants, though they have not come out really well.

10. Towards the evening, when dusk came in, saw a number of spiders, saw the flower gloriosa superba, Bauhinia variegata, saw some orchids that Colonel Wakefield has planted at his garden. Then saw the Avacado or the Persia americanus.

11. Finally, it was swietina macrophylla also known as Big Leaf Mahogany, Big-leaf Mahogany, Bigleaf Mahogany, Brazilian Mahogany, Honduras Mahogany, Large-leaved Mahogany, Sky Fruit, Tropical American Mahogany.