May 14, 2010

Letting Go

We must let go of the life we have planned, so that we may take in the surprises that it has to offer. Read this quote in a very good website that sends in daily quotes, one of the many internet based entrepreneurs who work hard to make this earth a better place. And though they are subject to abuse often as spammers and junkers, it all depends upon his perspective and not mine. He feels good sharing, so be it. Why should I be the one to debunk someone's well thought out effort.

But letting go is so much the more difficult thing to do for all of us, we hardly find many who do that. We infact live so much by choice and by planning that living ceases to breathe as it was conceived to be. Even the fact that often, we let go as per a plan. The world thinks that we have indeed let go and are now random elements, but so many of us do that in a planned manner. Leaving a cushy job and joining a meaningful one, so very sacrificial - yet so often planned.

Real let-go people are few and far between. There hardly would be a handful in a packed hall. But then there are so many of us who try hard to get to a state where letting go becomes a pleasure and not a deathly venture, lets see how we start our letting go.