January 31, 2012

Days in the Forest

A hot flustering morning it has been.

Walking in the direct, though not so warm sun, had more impact than the similar heat experienced in the North Indian summer, though that type of a summer is hardly ever experienced in places like these dense forests of Nagarhole. The exhaustion was due to the sheer number of kilometres walked.

Walking in the elephant forests has its own charm, that of the fear of dying, getting hurt, however, we did manage to outwalk that possibility. Back at the bungalow, taking a fresh bath, walllowing in water and just sprawled out, I feel at ease now.

One lesson during the entire trip was of taking Jenu Kurubas as guides. It was a risky venture as the two young boys, we took with us, got lost a few kilometres from the range office at Nagarhole. We had to ultimately take the game road and walk back the entire way to the guest house.

However, six days spent in the heat of a southern Indian forests has done enough to teach me about the myraid mysteries of life than several classrooms ever did