August 2, 2012


Next AV workshop:

The number is nearing 20 now. Given the increasing costs, we need at
least 25 finally, which means we should have a list of 30 (there are
always dropouts).

I know you want to help: Sujatha wants to send her daughter, Sunil is
ready to bring his wife. At this rate, Anil will want to sponsor his
mother-in-law (according to latest reports, however, he has not
acquired one yet.) Meera would have liked the whole of TCS to come,
but their only worry is that the quarterly results are not good
(though better than that of Infosys!). After all, constant growth is
important, environment is not.

There is no water in Bangalore (and in many other places), northern
India has had a blackout (in spite of IAEMP), Punjab farmers are dying
of cancer due to overuse of pesticides (I was there, don't eat Punjab
wheat). Manmohan Singh was asked whether he could do what Pranab could
not, that is, revive the economy, that is, facilitate more growth. So
he has promptly handed the Finance portfolio back to wily Chidambaram,
who has no ideas either. There is of course the ultimate solution:
Make Rahul Gandhi the PM.

And so the show goes on, even as the crowd dwindles at Anna Hazare's
fast, Assam is in turmoil, train coaches go up in flames, and monsoon
plays truant. When asked how power blackouts will be prevented in the
future, the Power Minister made a very profound statement: 'We must
manage power better.'