October 21, 2012

What to do with this Jet Lag in the USA

Reached New York almost two days back and am still mulling over my chances of having a fair fight with Jet Lag.

Slept off for several hours last afternoon, killing all chances of a recovery. As a result, I am writing a blog entry at 3.30 in the morning when it is supposedly 1.30 pm in Kabini.

Todays agenda - Try not to sleep for the whole day, especially late afternoon. Looks like a goner already...

That is why I am not a great proponent of international travel. Travel, yes is what I do all the time. But internationally, this kills. And why pain yourself so much. But then, once in a year is doable, isn't it.

As of today, not seen much of New York. Went to one of the life saving Patel stores, ate a lot of idlis, understood what is a parkway and an expressway, went to a mall, saw a 17.99 dollar ka allergy tablet besides everything else, gaped my mouth open as most first timers do seeing the price difference in everything.....
and also walmart for the first time.....